On March 6, 2018, Lucas was born. He was reported to be a healthy baby boy and our family was elated. Soon Lucas began to show signs of lethargy and not eating well. They were not overly concerned at first but as discharge time was drawing closer his nurse had a strong feeling something was just not right. She asked if she could get a second opinion. A doctor was brought in late at night to examine him and felt that he possibly could have an infection. My water had broken early and that was their chief concern. We were sent by ambulance to NICU to one of the big city hospitals 30 miles away. Immediately things seemed off. They had sedated the baby for possible seizures and hooked up an EEG. After about 24 hours and many doctors consults they again transferred us to the children’s hospital to be seen by the specialist staff there in the NICU. This is where we learned how time can literally stop. Every minute felt like a day and every day a month. It was the longest two weeks we can ever remember experiencing in our lives. After many tests, Lucas was medically diagnosed with a very rare metabolic issue. We will share many stories that came from our NICU stay and how we have seen God’s hand move in so many ways where our family is concerned. They said it was hopeless but we know differently. We know you should never give up on your baby because they will defeat the odds and defy all medical wisdom. Lucas turns one tomorrow and to celebrate this milestone we acknowledge the Hand of God working in his life. We give God all the Glory!